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Quality Policy

FERMA, which is a company that knows that the perfect quality approach is at the forefront of the basic principles that constitute customer satisfaction and trains its employees in this direction, offers high quality to its customers with this quality understanding adopted in its own internal dynamics.

As FERMA, we produce quality for our customers.

In order to reach this goal, which is one of the main goals of Ferma, it is possible to bring the quality under a traceable, documented and continuously improving management system without being dependent on individuals.

  • A “QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” that will regulate all factors, processes and functions that affect quality has been developed and practiced on the basis of international quality standards.
  • It is possible by complying with the standards including technical, administrative and regional requirements by fulfilling the applicable conditions.
  • The implementation of the system is supported with the devoted and unconditional participation of all employees within the framework of the organization, authority, responsibility, scope, measure, procedure, instruction and principles specified in the Quality Manual.

In line with these principles;

  • All critical elements and processes that may affect quality are determined and analyzed, and necessary measures are taken in a timely manner.
  • By using Lean Management methods, a corporate culture that will provide traceable, permanent and continuous improvement is encouraged.
  • The competitiveness is achieved by minimizing deviations and preventing repetition, with minimum resource and on time delivery.
  • Customer satisfaction is ensured by the qualified service.

Ferma, will make this Quality Concept clear at every level of the organization; will ensure that it is applicable to all works and processes, supports continuous improvement with all the lessons learnt that has been taken.

Ferma Group Management